The madness of cat people

Some people think dog owners are slightly mental; they treat their dogs like their children and the dogs are often cared for better and recieve more attention than their human offspring does. But, crazy as they might be, when it comes to crazy, as I have recently found out, cat people hold the crown.

Last September, two small kittens entered our lives. They were naughty, and cuddly, and cute and little balls of endless energy. By the end of the year, they were big enough to be allowed to go out into the world by themselves, and after a thorough scouting of our yard, they ventured out into the world beyond our garden’s back wall.

Then, late one night, Pickle came home wearing a cat collar. Which was interesting, because after he had managed to get rid of the first two collars we had bought him, we had given up on buying him a new one. On closer inspection, the collar had a note attached to it, saying ‘is this cat lost?’ and a phone number. This is how I met our neighbor from one street over. Her backyard borders ours, and apparently Pickle showed up there daily to lie on their nice living room rug and eat their cats’ kibble. Oh, no worries, they did not mind this, they just wanted to know whether he was a stray or not. One of their two cats was also a stray that just showed up one day, and I was unable to shake the inpression that they would have loved adding Pickle to their collection. (No thank you, we’ll be keeping ours, if you dont mind.) Then she mentioned that she had also posted Pickle on one of the local missing pets Facebook websites, and this is where I found out about a whole new realm of crazy.

First of all, the number of cats that go missing is overwhelming. Either the amazing sense of direction that cats supposedly have is grossly overrated, or cats are just not very people friendly. They grossly miscalculate human ingenuity, however, because the number of cats that get returned to their owners through their chip implant is equally impressive. (You thought you could get away? No such luck, buddy! Outsmarted you, haha!)

That brings me to the crazy people. Never ever have I looked out of my window, seen a cat cross the street and thought: whose cat is that? It must need food! Let’s hurry outside and follow it! Take a picture! Oh, a video, even better! We need to catch that cat! Or any of about a dozen more crazy thoughts that, apparently, a lot of people think on a daily basis, judging from the FB posts

‘ This cat was walking outside our door, looking hungry. We managed to trap her and she is now safely inside in a bench, waiting for her owner. Rather anxious by nature’

Really….anxious by nature? Traumatized after being chased and kidnapped, I would think.

‘Found another cat! I dont understand why people abandon their cat like this, there should be a law against it!!!. We turned her over to animal control, the poor thing’

Followed by a furious post of the actual owner, who got called in (and not for the first time) to pick up their cat, and was not amused about the personal attack. Apparently their furry friend had a habit of looking helpless and lost. (There is no escaping, little one, we’ve got you CHIPPED! Moo-hahaha *evillaugh*)

Combine that with 10-minute long videos of grown men or women bawling their eyes out when being reunited with their lost furry friend. People who would like group members to know that Spoof (reported missing in the group for 3 days in Nov 2014) has passed away today. Oh, and John wants to get in touch with a woman who lives a few towns over because the owner of Catcat has given CatCat to her but CatCat was technically also his cat because she was always at his place during the day, but the owner of CatCat was not aware of this. So if anyone has seen a cat that looks like the one in the picture, please try to catch her and you can call him, day or night, he will be there in no time. He also won’t mind paying the new owner, as long as he can have his CatCat back. (Hhhheeeerre’s Johnny!)

And although I am not ruling out that I will probably turn into a Facebooking cat maniac should our Pickle or Olive ever get lost, so far all I keep thinking is….run, CatCat, run….freedom is yours while it lasts…

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