One week and counting…

It’s mid-August and I am very very ready to take some time off work. Things have been crazy these last few months; my project had to roll out one of its key deliverables while many of my colleagues were enjoying their summer vacation. So the last month has been one of long work hours of finding flexible solutions, pushing deadlines and on the fly improvisation. In the end, we didn’t make our August deadline and had to push back our roll out to September. Luckily, I was sceptic about making the August deadline from the beginning, so it didn’t come as much of a shock to me.

HRG has a rule that says she has to visit four new countries every year. A great rule, I think as there are plenty of countries I still want to see and that she hasn’t visited either. After looking through countless travel sites we found a very nice looking place in Hungary. Far from the maddening crowd, but close enough to Budapest for a day trip. The Dutch owners sound lovely, so in 1,5 weeks time we’re off for a week in the Hungarian countryside.

My knowledge of Hungary is very limited. Ask me about facts about the country and I shamefully have to admit that what I know is that it was part of the Soviet Union until 1989, that it was the birth place of speed skater Emese Hunyady and that I can tell you the names of two or three famous composers that came from there. I know Budapest is made up of two separate cities..Buda and Pest, but I couldn’t tell you the difference between the two. And today I read a survey about 3G/4G cell phone coverage and it turns out that Hungary has faster mobile internet than Holland. It’s one of those things that you notice once you know that you are going somewhere. (or maybe it’s just internet addiction) That’s it.

Even though I know next to nothing about the country, it sounds lovely. A lot of people have told me that the country is beautiful but I also have very positive childhood memories connected to Hungary. One of our neighbors came from Budapest and she was (and still is) a very sweet woman. The family had a daughter my age and they threw amazingly cool birthday parties. During the party, everything would be a surprise, as her parents shrouded things in secrecy by speaking Hungarian during the preparations. I can remember one party where we went to the movies. This was a big deal back then as the town I grew up in did not have a movie theater so we had to travel to the closest bigger city, which we never did as my mom didn’t drive and my dad was always working and public transportation in our village was horrible. Plus, it was expensive to take roughly 10 teenagers to the movies. We went to see Who’s That Girl, which was a super cool movie as we all loved Madonna.

Planning the trip to Hungary brought back a lot of fond memories. So I’m very excited about going there and seeing what the country itself is like.

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