Musical heroes

This song has been stuck in my head since Tuesday, when I was at the Rollins event. Rollins talked a lot that evening about the importance of music and about how music is a constant companion, both in good and bad times.

It was only earlier this year that I found out what the rubber ring in the song actually refers to: the protective rubber ring on a turn table. Honestly, before that, I always thought it was a reference to condoms…lol. Although this song is about the importance of music in times of loneliness, it also beautifully illustrates the faith of the artist…to be forgotten when the listener moves on, grows up, makes friends and/or finds new musical heroes.

One of the things I love about music is how songs can take you straight back to a specific period in time. I find that especially the time between my 15th and my 25th has a lot of these memories. I guess those are the years when one develops a personal taste in music. (or maybe, those are the years that shape your personality in general)

During that period my taste in music shifted from hard rock to singer singwriter. Although I still enjoy both, I can clearly remember head banging to Whitesnake (with long hair, jeans jacket with band patches, army boots and practising Whitesnake licks on my Vester stratocaster) one year and listening to Everything But The Girl and k.d. lang the next year. And spending the family winter holiday in Germany, up in my room with a mono tape recorder, playing the Smiths over and over again.

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