Last of the summer

It’s October 8th and it feels like fall had finally settled in. Two days ago was the first day that it was still dark out when I got up in the morning, a sign of the days getting shorter and one I always dread. Summer held on for longer than most years, though, so I really should not complain. But now that the days start in darkness, it’s on to the next challenge: how long can I hold out before putting on my winter jacket? Last year, I managed to go all winter without ever having to wear it, so I’m hoping for another mild one.

Not that I mind the cold or snow…but I like real winters…the ones where there’s 6 feet of snow. Ours are usually made up of half a day of 2 inches of snow and then weeks of brown slush. The train system gets so screwed up that getting to work under 4 hour late becomes a challenge and the roads are not much better. We’re not extreme weather people over here, I guess. 

Yesterday was wonderful, though…a beautiful late summer day. I was fortunate enough to have a day long meeting at the beach, and lunch was a combo between good food and a nice long walk on the breach. Late afternoon, the sun was still shining bright and we had beers on a terrace right on the breach (where I took the photo above)

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